Take a Pill to Escape the Tablet Headache

It was quite a few years ago now since I worked at a Polish Tech Company who had already designed a PAD with Windows on it (was early 2000s).  It was always considered innovative by us but just a skunk RnD project.  After all it would never take off now would it – who wants to use a device like that we said –  Years later we have Tablets a go-go and here is a full review and worth looking at http://tablets-review.toptenreviews.com/

Smart TV’s are sold ‘en masse’ according to analysts however connectivity is weak.

We hear on a regular basis that Smart TVs are rolling out of the door of the high street. What I know as a veteran of interactive TV is that few of them get connected or stay connected. It is a fact that only if it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERITIVE for the TV to work will it ever be connected – AppleTV on the other hand is of that category – Pure OTT. Apple is not wrong to think of putting out a TV – We all understand iTunes and we are all carrying an iPhone – an iPAD (well a large portion of the Smart People are! Let’s see what Apple can do in this very fragmented domain!