Cart Horse Horse Cart

As Chairman of the DVB-GEM commercial group and involved deeply in interactive TV since 2000 I can beg to differ with your statement that I am wrong. The HbbTV group eventually arrived at obtaining Broadcaster support but ONLY after the manufacturers pushed it. In particular Philips led by Jon Piesing who was the DVB MHP technical chairman. There was NSPA (network service provider applications) before HBBTV. This failed to gain support in the consortium ! It is clear that a mandate works to push standards but that may contravene EU directives…a technology does not make interactive successful …Content and applications do! 20 million french household or more will not have an enabled device (already purchased) and unless there is some must-have apps and content they will, like me, NOT buy a new TV or STB. We have been there before with ATVEF and other initiatives like BluCom from ASTRA who did MHP and anything thats in the market. The jury is still out!

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