R’Anthony on Interoperability

BTW:  The DVB is not a Company it is a TV Consortium which represents almost ALL of the TV industry: Broadcasters, Regulators and Equipment and Software Manufacturers…it even has liaison groups with overseas Fora and Specification bodies…around 300 companies: HbbTV group has 7 members and does not represent ALL broadcaster opinions. On the contrary the DVB works on consensus and therefore makes clear movement towards market required or commercial driven dpecifications…MHEG5 has Impala which is about 7 companies (no Broadcasters in that group)…hardly a cross section of the industry on niche initiatives. HbbTV had to be started outside of the DVB because it would have been apparent that it was already catered for in the existing specifications and the initiative stopped.

MHP was designed by the DVB but is driven by industry. The DVB only markets its Specifications when they are fresh off the blocks. MHP is mature and well deployed…is the basis for Tru2way, Blu-ray and GEM (MUG run) which is not a DVB driven but open group…with Non-DVB participants.

MHEG5 came under scrutiny during the NexT Generation Network Architecture Middleware and did not match up to the needs of the industry going forward.

Broadcasters have content behind their business and have since Interactive was invented (why does everyone believe that Hybrid is suddenly a new invention?) and they have and still deliver it no matter what the middleware so if its MHP, MHEG5 or a Browser the situation remains the same…No investment if no ROI…..

If you want to harmonise cross platform interoperability you need a SINGLE engine in the STB…That is what STANDARDS are supposed to be….The TOOLKIT approach means Fragmentation….but that may never happen whilst the world seeks to always build a better mousetrap (the EC is duped by lobbyists with corporate agendas) from technologies that have already proven their weakness and business models cannot be clearly crafted by certain broadcasters stuck in linear ad driven TV.

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