Never Mind The Carbon Footprint: Is Trade Show ‘Radiation Hazard’ Something We should Be Concerned About

We seem to have forgotten about ‘Carbon Footprints’ now that the Politicians no longer have it on their manifesto. However has anyone looked at Trade Show Carbon Footprinting? IBC alone never ceases to amaze me – The waste is horrendous, the carpet, wood, metal, plastic as well as a whole plethora of electrical cable, wires and more and trashed each year. Furthermore an unhealthy environment it is now that the Wi-Fi saturation increases. If the demos don’t work – What does it do to the attendees, participants, stand staff et al? Is this a healthy and legal level of radiation – does anyone care? The hyper-concentration of radiated signals must surely be of concern to somebody apart from me?

Post IBC – A look at the State of Play in the Digital TV Market

If IBC 2010 was lackluster then IBC 2011 was a damp squib. There was no real hype, no buzz and certainly no crowd pullers. In 2007 the Rugby World Cup was on and many, many stands took advantage, using it as their crowd puller. This year it hardly featured and those that had it saw fairly meager gatherings. As we are right in the middle of a totally disrupted market many Companies had their principal offerings hidden in private rooms or on stands that needed invitation to view. The rest was HD viewing and fancy remote controls. This tells me that there is flux and change coming but the industry does not know in which direction it will eventually head. As with 3DTV and 3D UIs it was all proven to be a flop over the year. 3DTV is and in my opinion will never be mainstream viewing for another decade or more. So will the ‘TabletTV’ and this ‘Whole-Home-Solution’ with Gateway be the answer or will the “under $100” STBs still be the Broadcaster & Operators mantra when push comes to shove in an economic downturn? Will the CE manufacturers falter in the Connected TV space? Will the Regulators wake-up and see that TV is in a fragmented mess across Europe and react accordingly?

There were no answers at IBC 2011 and the last two years have shown that we are a ship looking for a port!  It turns out that Convergence = Divergence.  There are still no answers as to what is the real future of Digital Television Broadcasting, only many more questions?