BT and BBC Open Supermarket Chain

So Sainsbury Supermarkets will offer a TV service … So does Tesco and Dixons as does Apple and Netflix and Love Film and Virgin, BT and of course there is YouView trying tp patch up UK TV fragmentation to no avail. My first question is why do the Regulators allow this nonsense? If the BBC or BT or Virgin ever ventured into selling stuff in Supermarkets they would be vilified in the press and laughed at by the public! However Supermarkets can make money selling TV content just like all the other mainstream broadcasters and wannabees as they feel free to trample on expert’s toes?…Yes lets all tread on each others toes until there is a complete breakdown and we all have to go back to basics! P.S. is there a Sainsbury’s Funeral Parlour – If Not Why Not in order to bury the TV industry…

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