Connected TV Apple style

My appleTV is proving to be a real GEM. Air Play is the reason why. I connect my iPhone seamlessly, iPAD seamlessly…the whole system is so intuitive it is a pleasure to use. I just wish we had access to all the Big Films in their original language and were not forced to go to iTunes France.

3 thoughts on “Connected TV Apple style

  1. Agree totally. Bought my ATV in September and rapidly thought of it as a bit of a white elephant. But upon getting an iPad for the good lady and syncing all our tunes over, AirPlay means that the ATV has justified it’s position. Now Netflix has launched over here that’s another function it can fulfill.
    Wonder how I would have achieved similar with some Heath Robinson Android/XBMC malarky. That said, I’m no walled-garden fan, but all my content is ripped CDs (old school), and I don’t buy much music these days, so I don’t really see the iTunes lock-in issue.

    1. French iTunes for music is good because the French cannot dub music…thankfully.
      But movies is another thing…as a consequence the Film library is limited to a 100 films some of which are from the 80s which is soo stupid. They lose a lot of sales because of this limitation. I have written to them to no avail. There is always a tunnel to the UK site to exploit.

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