Social TV – Introducing “Twitter Breaks”…

There ia a SocialTV seminar on where people are banging on about Twitter and Facebook and all those other Social Media things that we are supposed to be doing WHILST we WATCH TV.  Well I am not sure about you but I am not able to WATCH a TV show and Type on my laptop and send an SMS or Tweet without being distracted from the show.  If the Content of the show is good enough you would just do what is supposed to be done, and that is why it was bloody well made in the first place – You would WATCH IT!   OK instead of “Ad Breaks” lets introduce the “Twitter Break” so you can all jump off (sorry lean forward)  and Tweet the details of the fab show to your followers (who the majority in my case will be stuck because they dont live in the same country as I do and will not be able to get to see the show I am watching anyway – hurrrumph!) … unless of course they can get it free on the Internet … then YOU (I)should stop your (My) PayTV subscription and wait until someone (I) recommends you (me) a show and we can then get it for free on the Internet;  hang on a minute…besides if it is already released that is…and if not you could always peer to peer and pirate it…Then if I haven’t paid to get any content and none of you have paid then we can only see the “free stuff” which means we need “Ad Breaks” back otherwise there is no funding to make shows… and then we will all be tweeting about the demise of quality programmes…and we could make that a reality TV show called “Dude Where’s My Content” or “I’m a Twitterer Get Me Offa Here”…Check out Tracy Geist and her expert advice –

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