Paying the Price of “Non-Committment” in the DTT “Advanced Services” Markets

In the world of Multimedia and Digital Television why are Broadcasters continually fooled by the technology gurus and those who would build a better mousetrap each week.  For the last 5 years, technologically speaking, there is virtually nothing we coulod not do in Digital TV  for Advanced Services even down to Email and Home Banking and now Twitter, Google and all that other Social Media access; and Widgets etc… Yet most (not all) European DTT Broadcasters did not committ to putting up “Advanced Services” when they could have.  Many CTO’s and COO’s are now having dificulty making sense of business models today because they left it too late to join the fray…and technology is leapfrogging technology before any chosen technology deployments can take place.   They thought it better to delay and take no risks!  Firstly the Telcos started to steal eyeballs now the Broadcasters are being threatened by “Connected TVs” from the CE manufacturers and OTT Services (those not going bankrupt) and they (The Broadcasters)  do not hold the trump card anymore.    I have warned them for years in my quest to offer those advanced services;  but they wouldn’t committ and now they are paying the price as their market share diminishes and they are held hostage by the CE Manufacturers they once relied on to bring TV sets to the market…Those that have chosen to enter the 21st century in good time have control over their markets!   It is so painfully obvious that if you rest on your laurels in today’s high tech world you will be left behind…The nemesis of the Broadcasters is the Internet which could mean that they really may be doomed as they do not control that either the Telcos do and they have already made their intentions clear in IPTV…Well done the UK and taly and a few others for their foresight.

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