The Realities of Lobbying – “Med Alle Midler”

TargetLobbying is a dirty game of politics, argument and counter argument where opponents try to gain a foothold or mindshare in order to obtain a decision in your favour.  Lobbying is about influencing and is often done is a hard-direct and matter of fact manner.  This takes place in the hallowed halls of Brussels, in Washington and other political centres worldwide where certain people are paid handsome amounts of money to lobby on behalf of one cause or another.   You have to know that lobbying also takes place in the Home, School and in the Business world at Trade Consortium and Trade Bodies worldwide.  I am a lobbyist in Digitla Television for my Company and the DVB Consortium because I have signed an MoU that says I will support and engender the take-up of DVB Specifications…which I do;  but sometimes people, if they have never been exposed to the dark evil art, will not understand the lobbying intent; will misunderstand you and the way you present your arguments.  Lobbying is nothing personal and is not an attack on an individual but it can be felt as such depending on how much your adversary believes in the cause thay are paid to support.  I have recently had such an experience had an adversary call me “unprofessional and rude in my argumentation”…I make no apologies and consider that this was perhaps a success if the adversary was so hurt.   There has never been a middleware business that has been gentle compassionate and understanding of the opposition –  it is cut-throat and I have hardened over the 10 years of getting kicked for supporting something I believe in so I am fighting back: med alle midler.

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