How to Monetize your Business – Learn from the Seminar Organisers

I am being bombarded with invitations to go to a trillion seminars on OTT Services and Web2.0 or Online TV for sums around £1500  or more for the personal joy of  potentially meeting some of the leading minds in the online TV market to discuss the leading issues affecting telco, cable companies and content providers where they will tell me how to monetise the growing Over the Top TV service offering.   My experience tells me that when there is a new HOT TOPIC it is the “Seminar Organisers” who monetize cleverly.  They are like bluebottles feeding off of the egos of the companies who want to get their 15minutes worth of fame using the seminar platform to subliminally transmit “buy our stuff,  its better then their stuff” messages.  Albeit it is less and less subliminal these days we all painfully go through it thinking it is going to be a revelation and  important and that they have some merit in what they do.  i.e. the industry really, really needs this;  but 99 times out of a 100 it is all just personal opinion and cloudy crystal ball theory.  We all went through it in the beginning of the digital era, the interactive era, the VOD era and now the Social Networking era.   This is a classic Seminar participant:  Company A stands up and spends 10 slides (15 mins) on who they are and what they sell…followed by a weak wafting over of issues that we all ALREADY know of which are affecting today’s market YET giving NO  insight or NO solution because their time-slot is over.  (Then deeper investigation shows they like everyone else in the Seminar does not know how to monetize Digital TV in a free-for-all world and if they did why would they publicly tell all their competitors.    The so-called experts dash in and dash out like some Hollywoodesque superstar leaving many wondering why they bothered paying the  £1500 in the first place…perhaps its better just signing-up to Blooble and get the Powerpoint for free (if they are deposited that is).  Blooble now that’s a concept that is exciting me less and lesse:  A repository for “Public Domain” –  Business Powerpoint Presentations from the world’s leading Companies.   Why I am more and more unexcited is because fundamentally like a Seminar offering me to meet “leading minds  selling their Company wares”, an unaccompanied powerpoint is just “gobbledygook” apart from the 10 slides of sales pitch for the Company of course!  I am believeing more and more that we are in an untidy and scruffy business, that we need a radical shake up and someone to point us all in the right direction.  Someone needs to bring some sense to it all but Who might that be?

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