What Did the Most Carbon Expensive Trade Show in the World Give Us? – CES 2012 Dust Settles

There is actually no need to attend CES2012 if you do not want to. There are a plethora of Journalists/Bloggers and individuals that are giving a blow-by-blow account of a variety of or all parts of the show. What did we learn? That there is a lot of people burning electricity, creating things that we do not really need thus making the planet a worse of place. What we also learn each year is that the show statistics are impressive especially in terms of number of booths, participants and visitors. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how many KWs of electricity are ‘burnt-up’ by all that ‘tech’! What about the increased use of transportation i.e buses, hire cars and taxis all polluting the Nevada atmosphere? The amount of trash that is generated – holy-moly! It is an incredible when you see the show end with all the tons and tons of building materials, cabling along with all manner of detritus dumped out the back! Surely this is something that should concern the ‘Green Movement’! However we hardly hear a thing regarding this very strange phenomenon called the Trade-Show. A place where everyone gathers to ‘peacock’ around for a few days desperate to sell their wares to someone! Is a trade show the size of CES and for that matter CEBIT in Europe a wise thing considering the need, according to our scientists, to save our planet? However we have to ask ourselves this: If the show did not exist could we still do business in consumer electronics. I personally think we could but the Journalists/Bloggers and individuals, who we have seen grow in ever increasing numbers, would have to find another way to let us all know what they saw and what they think about it! It is fundamentally a very strange world we live in!