Post Connected TV Summit 2012

  • Group: Connected TV
  • Subject: Review: Connected TV Summit 2012 – Game on!

Connected TV Summit 2012 was buoyant and there was a feeling, expressed by at least two speakers, that ‘the game has now started’ when it comes to distributing premium content over the Internet to TV screens. Key takeaways, after two days of thought leadership, were:

We are about to see a lot more cooperation between Pay TV operators and the CE industry. They see mutual benefit from working together.

The Connected TV platforms need to rationalise their apps development environments or risk limiting the content they can show and the audiences they will appeal to.

If anyone is under pressure now, it is the major connected TV vendors. They need to show they can scale and not be squeezed by next-gen Pay TV platforms on one side and HBB on the other.

Broadcasters are very buoyant about their prospects for spending longer with consumers, using Hybrid Broadcast Broadband to link from linear TV to catch-up services.

Second screen companion experiences will probably be the priority for broadcasters in 2012, however. Second screen is a threat as well as an opportunity for broadcasters, which makes it more urgent than HBB, which is simply an opportunity!

It is becoming apparent that Connected TV could increase the overall TV market, which explains why all the stakeholders seem so much more relaxed and less belligerent than they were two years ago, and why they are more willing to do business together.

Post show articles and analysis

As multi-screen TV matures, customer experience is key.

Pay TV future: vertically integrated or open CE?

Verizon wants deeper partnerships with TV makers.

Xbox 360 hailed as a game-changer for Connected TV.

BBC reveals companion screen app strategy.

Something was missing at Connected TV Summit: fear.

Siemens outlines case for ‘Operator as an app’.

zeebox named overall winner at Connected TV Awards

The social TV app triumphed at the Connected TV Summit this year, with BBC iPlayer, JAZZTEL’S JAZZBOX and the DIRECTV/Samsung RUI solution among the other winners.

Full list of the 2012 winners:

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