We will develop neurological powers for the absorbtion of images as screen technology advances

If you look at the world through a pair of eyes then naturally we surmise that there might be more, especially considering the lack of use of the most part of our brain…therefore specialists stating that we might neurologically partake of data and images in the future is quite plainly stating the bleedin obvious don’t you think…Its a natural thought process not actual established fact.

I am vexed at this though! Why?  Because I see that we strive forward as a collective group of mostly engineers hell-bent on trying to convince the world that 3DTV is the next step…when it may damage eyes to the point that we had better, and pretty soon find the answer to the absorbtion of images neurologically because we may be on route to blinding a generation….The folly of the human being and the “no sir, nicotine is not harmful!” attitude of businessmen is a frightening legacy!

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