Trusting Me Trusting You – TV Recommendations and Facebook

How much do I trust recommendations regarding Film & TV that come from my friends…Good question and easily answered. Not at all – Why? Because my friends are an eclectic bunch of multinationals and they all have their particular quirks, idiosyncrasies and tastes. They dress differently, they eat different foods, they listen to different music. They are individuals. We do have some things in common like children in the same schools, a like of sports amongst some of us, fine wines and spirits, however we are not trying to be like each other. They don’t watch TV in the main because they are Architects, Artists, Dancers, Choreographers, Jewellers, Photographers, Film Producers on one side and on the other they are Founders, Restaurateurs, Secretaries, Cleaners, Electricians, Builders and Craftsmen. So whatever recommendations I get on Facebook will certainly surprise because Facebook is not necessarily their thing either. They are too busy! We have discussed this over a wine or two on a sunny terrace. We find that TV is a plonk yourself down after a hard day with a Glass-Of-Wine-Whats-On-In-The-Next-10-Minutes state of mind. We do communicate via the Internet and we watch their films, read their books and look at and even buy their art, we eat in their restaurants etc. I think amongst then we are the biggest TV enthusiasts out of all of them and I know I cannot impose any of my TV likes upon them. Thankfully there is the TV Professional at the Broadcasters who scouts for and buys new things for us to watch, otherwise TV in our house would simply fade to black.

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