Sorry about Copyright and sharing other people’s articles – But this makes me soooooo mad it has to be said:  Since when did we forget “DENIAL OF SERVICE” attacks are actually aimed at Servers that are attached to the INTERNET – No Sorry – It is NOW “THE CLOUD”!  I have been a Network Engineer installing ISP’s since they ever existed and now I am in TV…TV is heading headlong onto the CLOUD – No Sorry – THE INTERNET, worldwide – The Infrastructure remains pretty damn well the same – We have NOT invented a “CLOUD” it is the “INTERNET”… But suddenly we state that it is a place where cyber criminals are waiting…They are probably laughing at the idiocy of the world as it re-invents Client Server Architecture by calling it something white and fluffy so as to make it appealing to business marketeers.

Nigerian Scams, Viagra Spamming, Poor ladies who are suffering terrible illnesses and want to donate all their millions to people like ME – Cyber criminals are ALWAYS waiting for the next scam to inflict on the poor and innocent!  I worked at the United Nations and we even had Nigerian Money Scams arrive by Fax from Liberian Banks.  The world is a silly place and the greatest discussion I have seen to date on this subject is one on LINKEDIN – Which is the following: Why? We can land man on the moon but we struggle to protect our young and vulnerable and prevent inappropriate use of technology (in and out of the workplace) as a result of cyber-crime.

Just the short set of responses are succinct and relate to the following – Mike Briercliffe  says: I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the last decade on matters relating to this and I’m afraid to say that the “90/9/1” theory applies here:

  • 90% just stand by and watch
  • 9% are sometimes involved in worrying about it
  • 1% actively seek solutions and threat mitigation.

It is true that he states we often only react after the horse has bolted.  The Next to fall foul will be Connected TV but will we learn from the Sony debacle?  Of course not!

It is a generation thing as well.  As more and more young engineers leave University and Tech Colleges around the world they are more and more embroiled in the “NOW” technology as we are developing Communication Services.   The inherent weaknesses of the Internet and WWW and Cloud are ignored in the rush to provide ON-LINE everything.  More fool the individual and more fool SONY who in this little 100 Million outing ruined their credibility, cost them MILLIONS of dollars and probably a huge swathe of customers…The Banks are probably laughing once again on the physical side of Card Renewel but sweating on the Fraud side as money is extracated from bank accounts.

Governments sit mind numbingly inactive – The European Union is a toothless dog and is watching Television run down this slippery slope! The Consumer is vulnerable because whilst the Techies invent the Users are of the same generation and foolish enough to believe that the CLOUD is a nice fluffy place for all their Private and Confidential Information.

Here is the LINKEDIN Post:

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