Recommendation For TV viewers

So recommendation engines will offer you stuff to watch based on your viewing habits…how boring! What about surprise, variety and getting something interesting that someone else thought about and produced thinking people might enjoy it.

What happens if you watch a CSI miami and suddenly you are recommended the CSI New York and CSI Paris and CSI Bolton etc. You are inundated with Police genre…Or Broke Back Mountain gets you a recommendation for all things related and you are not interested. How many times must you watch a genre before the software decides you only want to watch that for the rest of your life. You nor any other human is really in control of your TV Content…a piece of software is? Arggghhhh where are we headed?

2 thoughts on “Recommendation For TV viewers

  1. Anthony, I usually agree with your more controversial comments, but not in this case.

    I just undertook a small study on recommendation platforms with the usual suspects like TV Genius, miniWab, Rovi and some smaller ones for a big Telco.
    I was surprised to find that all those that have been in the business a while have “surprise me” or serendipity feature.

    What I did however find lacking, was that like the rest of us, (let’s be honest here) they didn’t see the connected TV coming quite so fast.
    So there’s not much out there for content discovery or recommendation on a home network (whether all that content is legal or not is a different debate).

  2. I may be too cynical but I would like to see that the Serendipity feature is able to be set as the “main feature” and the find me something that is similar to same genre button as an option…

    It is interesting to see how this panning out…


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