Larry Ellison Said it First – Or did he…

Larry Ellison recently claimed that cloud computing is already here and that his Company is already in cloud computing.  Just like many other industries and especially in technology we have to re-invent phrases or explanations for things we do.  Why?  I believe it is becasue certain things just are not fit for business but we push on with trying to make them work.  It takes years and keeps us all occupied.  The time-to-market aspect in digital TV is such that technology leapfrogging is commonplace…For example in Digital Television and TelcoTV the word Convergence has disappeared to be replaced with Hybrid (same theories, same desires and wants from the functionality)…And suddenly all the technologies that have been tried and have failed under “Convergence” will today mysteriously be the saviour in “Hybrid”.  Interesting thing is that human beings have a superb penchant for forgetting the past and denying the truth if it suits their present need.  So we have an  iPad from Apple which was called what before under Microsoft?

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