3D – What You Can See WILL Hurt You

Having spoken to one of the world’s leading experts in all things 3D (David Wood of the European Broadcasting Union) I am ever more sceptical about the future of 3D as a mainstream product.  My own personal experience which started back in 1971  at the cinema with a film called “The Bubble” (made in 1966), a few IMAX trips whilst in SanDiego and some other Aquarium complexes around the world and on to the the IBC show last year led me to realise that it is just not for me both personally and as a step forward in viewing experience.  An example of distorted or unwanted viewing experience is sometimes seen under the HD Blu-ray format, which is great, however sometimes the movies look like “the making of ” as opposed to the cinematic experience that we all know – The Day the Earth Stood Still is a prime example…It is like a stuccatto theatre play intertwined with special effects….Furthermore the people I have given an insight to 3D here at home on a Blue-ray Player with the Glasses have also realised it is far, far, far from perfect.

David Woods highlighted the physical issues relating to the eyes and therefore the health and safety aspect that we are all ignoring and that my eyes warn me of (Bloodshot, blurring, headache, nausea etc.) Constant strain on the “Eye Muscles” and messing about with our normal vision will eventually lead to eye problems.  Perhaps we will not realise that 3D is bad until a generation goes blind – a little like earphones and the MP3 Players making the youngsters deaf…and nicotine not being addictive…but in this case there is a case for understanding “What you can see – WILL hurt you!

There is a plethora of 3D Forums appearing as the sharks of the “Seminar Industry” capture another slice of revenue from the over indulgent technology world that TV lives in and another “Crystal Ball” projection from In-Stat (see below):  Can In-Stat tell me what the lottery numbers are going to be so I can pay off the mortgage and concentrate on living instead of being subjected to yet another TV technology before the last one has matured?  No they cant because 9 times out of 10 the predictions are wrong!

In-Stat projects: – Worldwide 3D TV shipments will reach 41 million in 2014. – 3D Blu-ray player shipments will track closely with 3D TVs. – Pricing is a major barrier, as survey respondents are not willing to pay much of a premium for 3D TV sets and Blu-ray players. – Many Pay-TV operators will use half resolution 3D as a stepping stone and learning opportunity for full HD 3D in the future. On a regional basis, North America will be the largest market.

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