The Over “Technologisation” of the Average Human Being

I have been saying it for a while but we are swamped with technology and “gadgets.”    There is an over technologisation (yes I know it is not a word…has it ever bothered an American) of the world of entertainment which is leading to massive fragmentation of content and access to the content we once all shared as a “herd”… I read a nice report in the newspaper yesterday about the human capacity to only absorb a certain amount of data (including words per day) until overload.   I believe it is the same in many aspects of our lives.  There is only so much you can do in a day before you want to go and re-charge your personal batteries…and perhaps lean-back and watch TV passively.

Here is an extract from a BBC reported article (   Although 56% of UK households now have an HD television, 91% still watch standard DVDs and get their television through standard set-top boxes.

However, the survey of 2000 adults showed 81% admitted to not getting the best from any of the hi-tech gadgets around their homes – from mobiles to laptops.

Come to my house…it is the same…and I understand this stuff, but it does not always work as declared on the box…or the time to get it all up and running perfectly is tooooooo long.

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