What a Shameless, Twisted Society We Live in – The Zahia Affair

ImageI was so incenced by a news story today that I am compelled to write about it. It starts with two famous French footballers, Monsieurs Ribery and Benzema, who paid to have sex with a young girl who is purported to have been 16 years old at the time. That for me, in its purest form, is reprehensible but it is not the reason I had to write. It is the secondary result of the whole sordid affair that guiles me.

There will be a court case for these ‘stars’ that are unfortunately idols in many a young man’s eyes. They will not even be present. Clearly punishment, if found guilty of a crime, would be correct as a strong message needs to be sent out to those fans who put these men on a pedestal. Just because you are famous and paid a lot of money does not mean that you are untouchable.

However the worst part of this whole affair is that the apparent ‘victim’ Zahia Dehar has become the muse of Karl Lagerfeld and launched a lingerie line. I have just witnessed her, during the news story, parading on a catwalk with her breasts bared, apparently a superstar of the fashion world sub-culture! What lessons are we giving our youngsters here? Karl Lagerfeld is as guilty as the footballers for exploiting her new found fame. What a shameless, twisted society we live in.

What about the poor students of fashion? People who strive to be in a cutthroat business who have attended university, studying hard to gain their qualifications. Youngsters who aspire to be recognised by their hard work, talent and effort. No that means very little. In modern day society you just fast track by fucking a famous footballer to get famous!