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What I Really Think About Facebook


Anthony's professional career spans 32 years with 15 years in the British Royal Air Force as a Telecommunications and Cryptographic Systems Engineer (commenced at 17 years old) and 17 years in Digital Communications Systems, STB Technologies most notably in the field of Digital Television Middleware and Open Standards for interactive Television. He is a jolly charachter, full of fun and mischief...and has some opinions to share - Co-author of Interactive TV Standards – A Guide to MHP, OCAP & JavaTV, published by focal press - Elsevier. ISBN: 0-240-80666-2 - Also a Semi-Professional Artist in Watercolour and Acrylic. www.smith-chaigneau.weebly.com

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Street Tweets on the Move


If you live in a city of a 1,000,000 plus your actual ‘contact’ with people is limited to the epi-centre (i.e. where you live) and a radius of some mile/kilometer or so around you – In effect creating a village in that large city; and reality says that a small % of that million inhabitants are your real contacts…each person has a different village some constituents overlap as in Facebook, Twitter et al! So PLEASE STOP pretending that we have access to Billions of people in Social Media because WE DON’T! There are many villages in FB/Twitter/LinkedIn and of course a few larger towns and a city or two that get created (as per all social media sites) and you have to realise this before you waste your money on advertising and sponsored media in those domains. Social media reflects life, reflects business and is a parallell universe to our everyday existence. Open your mind to the reality and ignore the hype…Think about it!

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Lets talk Facebook

First, I’m not recommending to any of my companies that we leave facebook. I am recommending that we de-emphasize pushing consumers or partners to like us on FB and focus on building up our followings across all existing social media platforms and to evaluate those that we feel can grow a material following. In the past we put FB first, twitter second. FB has been moved to the bottom of a longer list.

At the core of the issues I have with FB is how FB thinks about itself .

This is from their page on Newsfeed, Engagement and Promoted Posts : “In this way, we can keep news feed an engaging service where people come to get the information that is most interesting to them.” FB believes that their news feed is an engaging information source.    They seem to really, really want to…

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